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In House vs Outsource Salesforce Support Team

Kryssia Villalta

Commercial & Marketing Manager at Digital Partner

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Current U.S. and Canada software development industry Challenges

The software Salesforce development industry currently needs more skilled professionals, and the competition to hire them has become increasingly fierce. The cost and difficulty of finding talented software developers in the ​U.S. are forcing companies to look elsewhere for their recruitment needs, often turning to overseas sources. are forcing companies to look elsewhere for their recruitment needs, often turning to overseas sources.


This has resulted in an influx of offshore developers working for U.S.-based companies. ​​Offshore solutions present their own challenges as employers must now manage remote teams that are either operating on radically different time zones or having developers work in the middle of night to be on ​​U.S. hours while also ensuring that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Operational expenses, managing project teams across different time zones, cultural differences, and adhering to both countries’ labor regulations are a few of the complexities that need to be addressed when offshoring.

However, NEARSHORE offers the best collaboration opportunities for U.S and Canada Salesforce partners.

In-house Salesforce team Option

  • – An in-house team is a group of employees formed from people you hire one at a time to work in your workplace. It uses the established resources within the company to complete tasks or accomplish a goal.

  • – You need an in-house team in the following circumstances:
    • – You don’t have budget constraints: If you are not operating a bootstrapped company and have plenty of money at your disposal, employing an in-house team will provide you with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.
    • – You need to be in full control: You cannot afford the chance of issues arising and having little influence over their resolution. You and your team make every choice that impacts the development of the product. Any problems are handled as soon as they arise.

The in-house option is definitely a better option when it comes to administrative, accounting and legal support. In-house people have a better understanding of your company’s accounting department and the legislation of the country in which your company is located.

Also, in-house will be a better option when it comes to mentoring. However, do not confuse these concepts with consulting. It’s more about leadership positions where deep communication with the team is needed.

Outsource Salesforce support Option

  • – Outsourcing is the process of engaging a non-affiliated third party to execute certain activities for a firm. Typically, the main reason for outsourcing work to another company is to save money on expenditures.

Understand the outsourcing model your business needs

We have defined outsourcing as the concept and practice of hiring an external company to perform specific business functions, in this case, DevOps and software development activities. First of all, identify the outsourcing model you’re interested in or the one that better suits your business needs.

Why is outsourcing so popular?

Outsourcing is becoming more popular for a variety of reasons, including:

  • – Lowering a company’s expenses;
  • – Reducing an enterprise’s capital expenditure investments;
  • – Reducing the requirement for in-house employee training;
  • – Improving the overall use of a company’s resources.

Here are the top outsourcing models for businesses willing to hire extra Salesforce talent:

  • – Onshore: Outsourcing services with a team located in the same country but whose headquarters or business operations are usually in a different city.
  • – Nearshore: Outsourcing services to a company in a different country but sharing similar time zones and cultural affinity. A more cost-effective solution than other types of outsourcing, and it ensures the same level of expertise as in-house teams.
  • – Offshore: When a company outsources projects to a company in a different country, with an opposite time zone.

Examining the Nearshore Solution

What is the nearshore software development model?

Nearshore software development is a type of outsourcing model involving a software development team that is geographically close to the customer (2-4 time zones away). Nearshore location is the second-best option after onshoring, which provides you with the same quality of tech experts while being more cost-effective

For companies in the U.S., nearshore outsourcing typically means sending work to software teams in Latin America or North America.


Outsourcing software development to a nearshore provider offers several advantages over developing products internally. Some of the principal benefits include:

When is the NEARSHORE model profitable for your business?

Contracting out operational duties may offer a range of advantages regardless of the size and type of your business. Outsourcing can help you and your business:

  • – Concentrate on the fundamentals;
  • – Cost savings;
  • – Encourage development;
  • – Keep operational control;
  • – Allow for personnel flexibility;
  • – Maintain continuity and risk management;
  • – Develop internal personnel.

How to choose a country for Nearshore services?

If you’re a Partner or Client located in Canada or the United States, the Outsourcing model recommended is NEARSHORE and the best option is the Central America region.

Despite the fact that developers can be found in any industrialized country on the planet, countries in Central America and more specifically El Salvador, is the top of the list for the following reasons:

  • – Compatible working hours with all timezones in the US.
  • – The cost of Nearshore software development services is much cheaper than in Western regions.
  • – Specifically in El Salvador; Salesforce talent is renowned for having many talented people capable of creating the most complicated solutions.
  • – Quicker team staffing process
  • – Language skills and cultural compatibility that makes close collaborations run smoothly.


In-house vs. Outsourcing: Comparison table

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Kryssia Villalta

Commercial & Marketing Manager at Digital Partner

Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Administrator, with more than 7 years of experience as IT Project Manager. She has two Salesforce Certifications (Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant) and is a certified Slack administrator.

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